Contemporary Japanese Architecture

I thought I’d do something a little different today in that I would tell you about this gorgeous little house I found, it is located in Japan.

Called the Inside-Outside house, there are some parts of the house where rain falls on the inside.

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Innovative Design, by Douglas Green

Dispelling design myths with American flat pack furniture

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Which Tiara will Kate Middleton wear?

(from left): The Duchess of Teck Diamond Tiara, the Strathmore Rose and the Delhi Durbar

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For the nerds, Lord knows I’m one of them.

Peeka boo!

Do you love tea? Any tea, Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Rooibos, Chai? And are you a serious nerd? As in you can totally relate to any character in Star Trek and  Star Wars?

Do Mathematical equations keep you up at night… in a good way? If you answer any of  the above in the affirmative…then I have a treat just for you. A robot tea egg. He will keep his position by clutching the edge of your cup with his robot hands, and allow you to make sure your tea is water weak or strong enough to melt your teaspoon.

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Eco Friendly Green Pizza!

Mama Mia! The Green Toys Pizza Parlor is open for business.

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Encourage moss to grow in your bathroom

Moss and mould are usually discouraged from growing in bathrooms, however, bathrooms are usually the best places for them. Damp, warm, and usually dark. However, there is the theory that walking on grass is good for the circulation. So how do you combine the two?

By getting a moss bath mat, that’s how:

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Gifts for Guys – Part Two

As mentioned before, guys can be notoriously hard to buy for. But as promised, I have a few ideas. Does the man in your life love motorcycles or scooters? Does he need a helmet?

Take a look at some helmets that have had a genetic makeover:

1. The Flamboyant

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