Funchkins To Go Live

Raymond E. Reid

Well we are nearly ready to go “live” with this new project of ours, for all those who are not so sure what we are about. Well Ursula whose project this is, has always spent too much time trawling sites looking for unique gifts! So over a coffee and a croissant with me in tow and on a blustery rain swept afternoon in Geneva, we came up with an idea to condense gifts into an easy searchable online shop divided into 11 classic gift categories.  We also thought the shop must stay as simple as possible, which as usual can be more complicated than we thought but we feel that we have achieved this somewhat. We also decided to limit the amount of items to purchase, so over time, the favourites will stay and not so favourites will fade away to be replaced by something new.

Another part of the store was to make it so that designers and crafters will have an opportunity to promote any craft or design  exhibitions in their individual areas. In the very near future we are also looking into the possibility of “Pop up Shops”, for those that don’t know this concept, a Pop Up Shop is a store likes ours that sells many different products online from various people around the world at an exhibition or craft show but showcased by ourselves. An interesting way of expanding promotion of other peoples products in perhaps different countries or in markets that they would not normally reach.

Over the next few months too, I hope to bring more exciting ways for Designers & Crafters to market their products through Funchkins. If anyone has friends, family or colleagues interested in selling their items online, please drop us a line here at Funchkins and we will be more than happy to consider you for our store.

Raymond E. Reid (Store Manager)