Hello everybody,

I have a treat for all you dog lovers. As a dog lover myself I am always on the look out for stylish, arty ways to trick out the furbaby.

One thing I remember really well when I used to have a Rhodesian Ridgeback was his penchant for getting out the gate and disappearing. For hours at a time. Ostensibly looking for us. Yeah. If we had had these handy tags, he probably would have been found in a heart beat. These Blanketid tags are adorable and practical, which make them serious design winners.

Aren’t they gorgeous?

The way it works is, you choose and order a tag for your pretty pooch or condescending cat, register the tag with the site and receive a unique ID number for each tag. Included in the price of a tag is a years membership. For more than a year, you pay just a little extra. Then you accessorise said pet and let him/ her run around looking adorable. Then the next time, the family panics when Fido/ Portos goes missing, you calmly and smugly, go to the site, and report your pet as missing. Blanketid will automatically send a broadcast email to the local SPCA, animal hospitals, shelters, other local Blanketid members. The email links to your online information so that everybody has 24/7 access to a full description and photos to help identify your lost pet.

If your pet is found, at any time of day or night, the finder simply needs to enter the Blanketid tag number at the Blanketid site to gain immediate access to all of the information they need to care for and safely return your pet.

The great thing is: your Blanketid tag is possibly the only tag you’ll ever need to buy – if you move or change your details, you can simply change them on the website. You will never need to change your tag. Another great thing: for every tag sold, they donate $3 are donated to The Blanket Fund for Animals.

Blanketid are a 100% North American company that make ID tags for all sorts of pets, the tags are lightweight, scratch resistant, silent and waterproof. You can visit their online shop to see their latest designs. There are 22 designs and February being Responsible Pet Owners’ month, surprise!, they are giving an extra years membership on each tags sold! Score! The tags are also available at various participating stores all across the States and Canada.

You can contact them via the following:

Go on round and give ’em some love.

Shall they go up on www.funchkins.com?

*images via: Blanketid website and I found Blanketid via Design Milk