If like me, you’re always searching for an extra hanger to hang up that coat or dress, but you simply never have enough……then this next item of cleaver design is not for you………….

It’s called the Hangelier, for obvious reasons of course.

Made in a small, independent design studio operating in Manhattan, NY & Vancouver these totally fabulous, inventive items of wowness (yes you heard me wowness) are the brainstorm by-product of Organelle. A simple concept using everyday items, a few spare hangers,  the under appreciated bike wheel rim & hey presto you have an environmentally-friendly-talking-point-piece-of-chandelier-art.

Aaaaaaah the hanger, how could anyone make anything useful out of that I hear you say, well just feast your eyes on these babies. The plastic hanger has now been transformed into a glowing, translucent, slightly aquatic orb of light.

Imagine yourself surrounded by the amazing patterns of light these earth friendly light sources will provide. Not only will you be helping the environment, but you get to stick it to those echo nerds who are always 1 up on you in the saving the planet race. And hey you finally get the excuse to have a decent chandelier, or two, in your maison that doesn’t look like you raided the set of an 18th century Hollywood period drama.

If plastic is not your thing (snob) then may I suggest the slightly more aristocratic cousin to the plastic hanger……da da da………the wooden hanger!

Nice ……………..

But wait, you say, how does this help you with your problem of not having enough hangers……………well actually it doesn’t, perhaps you should invest in some shelves instead!