Yes I  know simply gorgeous!

These lovely little handmade gems are made exclusively by a young woman by the name of Caroline, and her shop is charmingly called `Seamingly Possible‘. It’s amazing because not only is she the mother of a young & energetic child, she also manages to find the time to make these fun & funky children’s items, Supermum perhaps!.

Bright & colourful, these little shoes are sure to be the envy of every little toddler on the block, & not to mention their moms too! There are so many colours & patterns to choose from, simply buying one may be a problem!

Caroline also crafts other items….mmmmm lets see baby slippers, baby burp cloths, changing/play mats & a few other things too!

So if you want your little one to be the envy of every other pigeon-toed playmate, then these funky little gems are just for you…..errrrrrrr… your baby!

And if you really don’t want your baby taking all the limelight, then Caroline has a coordinating pair fo slippers for you too!

If you would like to know more about these items please contact us for more information!