Here I am back with more Irish designer goodies for you to buy your Irish (or Non-Irish) loved one.

This time I have a gift with a mission…

1.ARK t-shirts

“We are Ark°, a not for profit movement encouraging Acts of Random Kindness through our tasty ethical clothing range. Our idea is that you do one Act of Random Kindness (an Ark°), every time our brand is worn. The clothing acts as a reminder to be kind, allowing you to look good while doing good (hurrah!).

They’re also designed so that your carrying a message, inspiring others to be kind and getting them to think differently about the way life should be lived. It’s a symbol for a new way of life through a new kind of clothing. It also does the dishes and Hoovers the floor.

Simple, nice, Ark°.”

And something for the person that like to stand out a bit…

2. Vivienne Martins Textile and Jewelery Designer

“Vivienne Martin’s unique approach to material manipulation and embroidery has produced high-end, statement fashion accessories that are highly intricate, delicate and striking in design. Her current collection ranges from neck pieces to earrings, pendants and brooches, which are produced with non-precious fine wire, nylon, and polyester fibre.

A graduate from Galway/Mayo Institute of Technology in 2009, Limerick born Vivienne received a First Class Honors Degree in Textile Design. She was the winner of the Institute of Ireland Graduate Award in Fashion & Textiles, 2009 and she has also been nominated for many awards including the Love Lace Award, Australia and the Golden Egg Fashion Innovation Award in Jewellery. She is now based in Galway, Ireland, where she is a member of an enterprise , GROUNDWORKS Studios, which facilitates a collective of talented Textile and Ceramic designers/artists.

Vivienne has been invited to exhibit her work both nationally and internationally, including UK, Europe and Australia.”

These are both wonderful examples of the deep talent pool of designers to be found in Ireland. You need never have to get a generic gift again… unless that’s what they want.

Don’t forget to contact us here at Funchkins for more information on either of these designers or why not visit their websites, I have listed them below:


Vivienne Martins Jewelery