Heather Knight specializes in nature inspired ceramic designs. Working almost exclusively in porcelain, she lovingly produces each of her intricately detailed objects by hand.

These sea urchin inspired bowls will compliment any decor.

This listing is for a set of 3 bowls. Each one is handmade and thus totally unique, but on average, they measure 4″l x 3″w x 2.5″h.

They are made of high fired porcelain, unglazed on the outside and clear (white), green, or yellow glaze on the interior. The porcelain is durable but have a sense of weightless fragility.
These are also great for holding little things on your desk or table i.e paper clips, pins and such.

**This listing is for a set of yellow, white, and green urchin bowls. Contact us for further information on either the products or artist.