Hey everyone! I’ve searched like a good little co-blogger for something to interest the inquiring minds of my captive audience. And have I got a treat for you. I know how you love beautiful, practical things, just like me!

Growing up on a farm, our mom always made homemade yogurt, would you like to make your own? If your answer is “Heck yeah!” then this bowl is for you.

As it’s made from Teak and glass, I suppose, these bowls could be used for anything, but the thought of lovely, cold yogurt and fresh strawberries is just too good to resist.

Then there is this:

Stoneware and just big enough to hold a dozen eggs, this egg tray will be the pride of your kitchen. Makes ya wanna go out and make breakfast for everyone!

Websites:  Chabatree and Anthrapologie.

Author: Shirley Muswema