There is no need for trend setters to bow to the utilitarian look of safety devices any more.

With Fire Design from France, you can show your loyalty to your country like this:

or to your hobby:

Or break the mould and go minimalist, but customise the colour:

You can even design your own fire extinguisher! Each fire extinguisher comes with a mounting unit which allows the extinguisher to be placed in an upright position or to be mounted on the wall.

“The concept of Fire design is unique in Europe. Fire design offers you a large choice of design, coming in a broad range of colours and patterns, also customised to satisfy all tastes.

Fire design extinguishers have 2 extinguishing agents – foam and dry powder – They can be used to extinguish outbreaks of fire, such as:

> Wood, paper, cardboard, cloth
> Electricity-induced fires
> Flammable liquids and plastics
> Gas fires

A registration number and EC approval engraved on the extinguisher’s pressure vessel make your extinguisher unique.

The extinguisher’s controlling gauge enables you to see at a glance if the extinguisher is in good working order. The date-bearing seal of the extinguisher’s pin provides a 5-year guarantee against any manufacturing fault.

The guarantee certificate shows the registration number of your extinguisher and the year it was placed on the market.

Websites: Fire Design

Author: Shirley Muswema