So you just finished watching the new version of Tron and thought, when will we ever see something like that! Well the bikes in that movie might not be so far-fetched as you think. From designer Augustin Bardot comes this very interesting futuristic invention.

Some interesting specs on the bike:

Energy In:
Energy Suit – 100W (body heat+movement) either 600W to 1kW a day
Shock Absorber – 20W (under the seat)
Steering – 1 to 5W
Rear Wheel Kinetic Energy – 50W
Pedaling – up to 200W
Solar Cells – 20W either 400W a day
Kinetic Tyres – 20W
HPA Tank (Hydraulic Power Assist) – up to 80% of the decceleration energy saved
Braking Wind Turbines – 10W

Energy Out:
Electric Engine – 2kW
Digital Display – 1.6kW

Website: Augustin Bardot

Author: Raymond Reid