Today’s blog takes a slight detour from the norm, today we feast our eyes on the large variety of wall stencils or decals available out there.

Branches & Leaves:

I think stencils are a truly amazing invention that have been created for those of us that are unable to draw a straight line, never mind create something spectacular that can be passed off as art or even interesting to look at! Stencils can be very simple or depending on how big your budget is or even how much time you have, they can be truly intricate works of art. But the best thing about theses stencils is that they are all removable, so when you tire of them just remove & change the design to suit your mood!

Here are a few designs that show off the variety available to us.

Fake bricks, green trees & funky chandelier.

Autumn tree and birdcages.

Funky Flowers

Blossoms & Cherry Blossoms

Monkey in the jungle.

There you have it, it’s as simple as peal, stick & smooth. You’re done!

Easy right!

Author: Ursula Muswema