Here’s a pen with a difference, I’d call it a pencil but it’s not a pencil really. No re-fills are

needed and technically it should last a “life-time”!

The pen can write on glossy paper but you can’t erase it like a pencil

The “nib” is made from metal meaning there is no ink to ever run out

No smear and you can even write up-side down

Works in extreme conditions and on most surfaces

Due to its solid metal tip, the Inkless Metal Pen can work in conditions where a normal pen would seize up. Even in extreme temperatures or wet conditions, the Metal Pen shines.

Note: The Inkless Metal Pen can write on nearly any normal writing surface. The only surfaces that testing has shown issues are on newsprint and cardboard. The pen will write on these surfaces, but it can be difficult to see from some angles.

However, the Inkless Metal Pen works flawlessly on all standard matte papers and on most glossy stocks.

To purchase the “Metal Pen“, please visit the website below for more information


Author: Raymond Reid