FIY (Finish It Yourself) Junior:

The “FIY junior” children’s chair is a Finish It Yourself product. Finish It Yourself is one step beyond Do It Yourself. The packaging of the chair is an integral part of the design made possible because the material of product and packaging are exactly the same.

In the cardboard box two parts of the chair are for the most part pre-cut. You simply cut them free from the box and then assemble the chair together with the other parts inside the box. The big advantage is that in this way you use most of the packaging as well, resulting in less waste. But it’s also a lot of fun puzzling your chair together. The cut out of the profile of the chair on the box also functions as a graphical image of the chair and is almost a manual in itself; just by looking at it you immediately understand how it should be assembled. Chair and packaging are 100% recyclable.

Nominated for the Dutch Design Awards 2007.

Dimensions (l x w x h)

box 5 x 54 x 58 cm
chair 30 x 44 x 48 cm

Price: € 69,00 *
* excluding shipping
Final result: