The definition of “shak-shuka” comes from the Hebrew word “leshakshek” which means to shake or mix up. Shak-Shuka is a mixed-up dish in the Middle East or North Africa, and for us it is a symbol of the way the world is evolving as an eclectic races, nationalities and beliefs.

Shak-Shuka reminds us of our own little family who hail from all over the globe! Shak-Shuka is the brainchild of one American, one Spanish-Argentinian, one Swiss-Dutch St. Bernard and one Argentine-Spanish-American baby, all mixed together in an adopted Dutch city. We are a “shak-shuka” kind of family.

We are out to dispel the myth that green and stylish are incompatible. Shak-Shuka aims to prove that eco-friendly goods don’t have to be boring and unstylish, and that stylish goods don’t have to cost the earth (literally and figuratively.

Our children are our most precious beings, and we want to provide the safest healthiest options available for them. After all, they will inherit the world we leave them. Shak-Shuka hopes to make the world a better place, one stylish green item at a time.

Eggshell Zigzag Romper

Funky zigzag romper with buttoned opening at center front and snaps on the inside of the legs for easy changing. Makes a perfect ensemble when paired with the matching zigzag hat.

Website: Shak Shuka