If you are lucky enough to have a guy in your life, as most of us are, once in a while, on their birthdays or just whenever, you want to show your appreciation for them, right? If you ask them what they want for their birthday, usually the answer is “Oh, anything” or even worse, “Nothing”.

Frustrating in the extreme. But have no fear, we are here to help. Seagull have come up with a few tried and tested presents that will work for just about any guy. All you have to do is choose.

1. The Watch

This is a revised edition of the Seagull 1963 Air Force mechanical watch with plastic crystal, it has a Red Star at 12 o’clock and a metal back, which comes assembled with a transparent case back. This watch is very RARE and hard to find.

“The Tianjin Watch Factory became famous throughout China for producing the first Chinese watch in 1961. The factory was assigned to manufacture the first Chinese aviation watch (chronograph) for the Air Force of the People’s Liberation Army. The code of the assignment was “304”.

The factory pre-manufactured three batches of the aviation watch by October 1962. At the end of the year, 38 leaders and experts (industrial ministry, air command, and naval equipment supervisors) came together for the appraisal of the watch. After the meeting, the Tianjin Watch Factory received permission to begin mass production of the watch. In 1963 the factory completed and delivered 1400 aviation watches to the Chinese Air Force.”

This is the official remake of the watch as it was created in 1963; a unique and limited classic masterpiece. It has hand winding chronograph movement with 19 jewels and power reserves of over 40 hours. The watch is a special edition and comes with a wooden box and user manual.

The dial says “21 ZUAN”, Chinese for “21 jewels”.

Website: Seagull 1963