A little about us here at Funchkins

Funchkins basically started out of frustration………..

After searching on many occasions for those elusive `perfect gifts’, going through hundreds of different sites, we thought …. there must be a better  way to find `new & unusual handmade items’ out there? So many sites like Etsy are really great for that perfect something but we just saw so much of good stuff to wade through.

So we thought why not create a place where others could shop for their gifts without been overwhelmed by choice!

So on the 10th day we created FUNCHKINS!!!!! We try to find new & unusual gifts from all over the world. These can be handmade or designer items…the only requirement is that they are unusual & different. Funchkins will be promoting people’s creative talents, hoping to bring them to a wider audience. We also decided to limit the amount of items sold in the shop to make searching for that special gift a little less stressful.

If you like what you see, pass it on to friends & family.

Bring a little love & creativity into your life…..bring a little Funchkin home!